Surat Untuk Genie

Dear Genie,

Thank you for coming to listen my wishes. My wishes is not like my friends wishes that you have listen before. But, I want become the Manager of Big Apple Donut&Coffee in Sabah. I choose this company because I love eating although I'm tiny (don't laughing genie...). I love snacking although I'm not hungry and very worse if I get hungry. Not only me, but we all love eating, love snacking and we all eat when we are bored. Right? hehe....

I want to open new branch of Big Apple at Papar, nearest at my home. Why? because Big Apple not open yet at there. So, if I'm a manager, I can do that. I can come and eat donut anytime I want. I know you laughing again genie. Ok genie, I'm not open in Papar only but I also open new branches around Sabah widely. So easily for me to find Big Apple anywhere I go in Sabah.

Besides that, I want to have party with my EDP friends and also with our nice teacher by end this programme soon.

Genie, can you fullfill my wishes?
Genie, can you understand my broken English?hihi...

nOorul (",)

Who's Genie? hehehe


Tanpa Nama at: 25 Februari 2011 12:13 PG berkata...

"Yes! don't worry be happy, i got u wishes....just work hard then you wishes will come true!that my promise"

your sincerely

Nothing happen when just sit and see without effort yay!

{ Zurina J. } at: 25 Februari 2011 10:40 PG berkata...

Aish! aku mau big aplle di kota Belud juga! ahahahaha...:P

{ Nrul Hearty } at: 25 Februari 2011 9:18 PTG berkata...


ok im waiting..hehe...

@Zurina J.
Ok, ko mau aku wat d mana, siring2 rmh mu ka?hehe

{ echa rierie } at: 26 Februari 2011 9:49 PG berkata...

may ur wishes come true..
cayala nurul !


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